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Plaque Descriptions

Some customers need a plaque that is both cost-effective and quality made while others want a plaque that is sturdy and made of natural material. Use these simple descriptions to navigate the wide selection of available award plaques. If you have any further questions, call 1-800-272-5729 and a customer service representative will be happy to assist you.

Plaque Types

Value Plaques

Perfect for families and organizations with a budget, these award plaques come in a variety of finishes so there are plenty of options to choose from. Value Plaques are made of quality wood manufactured from shavings and sawdust, providing customers with the beauty of natural wood at an affordable price. Some Value Plaques resemble different types of wood such as oak, cherry and mahogany; others appear to be made of unique materials like marbled stone. But what all Value Plaques have in common is an attractive finish that creates a beautiful border around a custom engraved metal plate.

Standard Plaques

Made of genuine wood, these Standard Plaques are sturdy and have a natural color and grain pattern. Everyone will enjoy the look and feel of red alder, oak, walnut, cherry and other available options. And, the genuine wood and metal plate create a striking contrast that will catch anyone’s eye. Some Standard Plaques are less expensive than some Value Plaques depending on the type of wood the Standard Plaque is made of and what finish the Value Plaque has. Therefore, Standard Plaques can stay within a company’s budget while providing the beauty and durability of real wood.

Premium Plaques

The quality of these Premium Plaques makes them perfect for celebrating special occasions and recognizing distinguished accomplishments. Made of first-rate solid wood, some Premium Plaques have detailed designs that give them a sophisticated look that suits any formal event. Others look very similar to Standard Plaques, but the quality of the oak, cherry or walnut gives these Premium Plaques a notable distinction. With excellent material and attention to detail, present these award plaques with pride to prestigious individuals like donors and CEOs.

All award plaques include two keyhole slots on the back for vertical or horizontal hanging.

Special Finishes

High Gloss Finish

Those who want a plaque that has a shiny surface will love our value plaques that have a high gloss finish. This finish accents the metal plate and draws the eye to the custom engraving. It also highlights the color of the wood and makes it appear more vibrant. Enjoy seeing the light reflect off the wooden surface of this high gloss finish plaque as it hangs in a bright room.

Piano Finish

A piano finish gives an award plaque a classy appearance that is perfect for formal occasions. Customize one of the Value or Premium Plaques that have this finish and see how the coated, glossy surface creates a stunning award or interior decoration. Plaques with a piano finish are sure to dazzle everyone and make a recipient feel special.