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Value Award Plaques

These value plaques give you the beauty of real wood at an affordable price. Each plaque has an attractive finish and a metal plate for you to customize however you want. Make awards for any competition while giving them your unique style using a wide variety of custom options.

5x7 and 8x10 High Gloss Cherry Finish Plaques

High Gloss Cherry Finish

This cherry finish plaque is a beautiful choice for a recognition ceremony or awards banquet.

Starting at $21.44 per plaque

9x12 and 10.5x13 High Gloss Black Finish Plaques

High Gloss Black Finish

Black finish plaques draw attention with the distinct contrast of metal colors.

Starting at $21.64 per plaque

6x8 and 10.5x13 Oak Finish Plaques

Oak Finish

Light brown oak finish plaques have a natural look that makes them unique and eye-catching.

Starting at $21.62 per plaque

6x8 and 9x12 Walnut Finish Cove Edge Plaques

Walnut Finish Cove Edge

The cove edge gives these walnut finish plaques a professional style that suits any occasion.

Starting at $21.82 per plaque

5x7 and 7x9 High Gloss Magohany Finish Plaques

High Gloss Mahogany Finish

Our mahogany finish plaques have a gorgeous maroon color that award recipients will love.

Starting at $24.22 per plaque

8x10 and 12x15 Improved Black Marble Finish Plaques

Improved Black Marble Finish

These marble finish plaques have a black and white pattern that resembles real stone.

Starting at $20.06 per plaque

8x10 and 9x12 Value Rosewood Piano Plaque

Rosewood Piano Finish

A deep, red color and a piano finish makes these rosewood value plaques exquisite.

Starting at $30.01 per plaque

7x9 and 12x15 Value Black Piano Finish Plaque

Value Black Piano Finish

The piano finish on these black value plaques makes them perfect formal event.

Starting at $30.01 per plaque

8x10 and 9x12 Value Walnut Piano Black

Value Walnut Piano Finish

The walnut color and piano finish create a unique look for this value plaque.

Starting at $42.50 per plaque