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7.5x9" Eclipse Rosewood Piano Finish Plaque

7.5x9" Eclipse Rosewood Piano Finish Plaque

Special recognitions deserve high-class awards like these Eclipse Rosewood Piano Finish Plaques. The glossy, red wood creates a beautiful frame around the metal plate. Choose a colored metal and personalize the text and graphic which are laser engraved into the plate. Use keyhole slots on the back for hanging.


Satin Gold with Black Engraving

Satin Silver with Smoke Gray Engraving

Black with Silver Engraving

Black with Gold Engraving

Maroon with Silver Engraving

Maroon with Gold Engraving

Green with Silver Engraving

Green with Gold Engraving

Brown with Gold Engraving

Royal Blue with Silver Engraving

Royal Blue with Gold Engraving

Mirror Purple with Gold Engraving

Mirror Purple with Silver Engraving

Mirror Blue with Gold Engraving

Mirror Red with Silver Engraving

Mirror Red with Gold Engraving

Satin Blue with Silver Engraving

Murray Hill
Tiranti Solid LET
Cygnet Round
Trajan Pro Bold
Lydian Cursive
Kabel Md MT
Little Lord Fontleroy
Futura Md Cn
Bell MT Bold
Cooperplate T Med


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Product Specifications

SET-UP FEE: Text only / stock graphic $10.00; engraved logo $25.00

PRICING: Includes plaque, engraved metal plate and slots for hanging.

7.5x9" Plaque$42.11$41.27$40.01$38.96$37.90Call

PLAQUE: This premium plaque is 7.5x9 inch with 0.5 inch thickness. The two short sides of the plaque are curved upward, creating a unique frame. The high-quality wood comes from a rubber tree and has a black color with a piano finish. Each plaque has two keyhole slots on the back to hang vertically or horizontally.

PLATE: The 0.02 inch thick metal plaque plate is laser engraved, revealing the underlying metal for mirror and lacquer colors, or oxidizing silver and gold metals to create a two-color plate. Satin finish metals have a metallic, brushed surface; colored metals have a semi-glossy surface; mirror finish metals have a reflective surface.

Profile of Plaque's Edge


Keyhole Slot on back of Plaque