YOU are important.

Why yes, yes you are. And you should let everyone know! The easiest way to show how special you are is with quality personal identification. And Coller Industries is the ultimate source to give it to you! From name tags to lanyards, we'll help add value to you or your special event. Let us share just a couple of ways that our personal identification products will come to your rescue:

  • Name tags to identify employees, event participants, party-goers and more!
  • Lanyards for promotional events, schools, non-profit organizations and more!

Both personal identification product lines have their very own websites to help you focus on what you really need. The tedious searching is over! Just click below on what you are specifically looking for and we'll get you there.

Our Websites

Our flagship store for: Name Tags, Name Plates, Lanyards, Ribbons, Badge Holders, Signs and everything related to personal identification in one location.


Ribbons for all occasions, stock and custom titles, rosette and award ribbons, ribbons for promotions and sales, ribbons for every use.


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